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Matt O'Conner - Managing Director.

Archive for April, 2012

If it aint broke… still fix it!

25 April 2012

I think there is good entertainment value in business-themed TV shows like Dragon’s Den, The Apprentice, Mary Queen of Shops and the like. I must admit I do like to tune into them from time to time. But as well as a few laughs, these programmes can also be an important reminder of the some […]

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Give young people a break – and see where that takes you

3 April 2012

Some people wonder if my place in the John O’Conner family business was mapped out from day one. The answer to that one is a most definite ‘no’. When I was a boy and my father was busy building a successful business, it was never assumed by him or any of the rest of the […]

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More power to the industry!

2 April 2012

I know I’m in serious danger of sounding like that TV comedian Russell Howard, but I’m still going to say it anyway – here is… another ‘good news’ story! The good news this time is that the National Contractors’ Forum (of which we are founder members) has just agreed to partner with BALI – the […]

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