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Aylesbury Vale District Council

Planned Tree Maintenance

Aylesbury Vale District Council


Aylesbury Vale District Council


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Aylesbury Vale District Council

AVDC’s trees are typical of central English agricultural landscapes with willows and poplars being dominant along watercourses. Hedgerow trees are predominantly ash, oak, field maple, elm, elder, hawthorn, blackthorn and sycamore.


Aylesbury Vale District Council’s (AVDC) tree-related remedial works and after care services are delivered by John O’Conner’s 4-strong team of NPTC-qualified arborists. Our Arboricultural team has reliably responded to 100% of work orders within timescale handling on average £120k of tree-related works per annum workload spread as follows:

  • Highways: 70%
  • Properties: 30%

Services provided

  • Crown thinning
  • Formative pruning
  • Crown cleaning
  • Crown reduction
  • Crown lifting
  • Pruning overhanging branches
  • Tree felling
  • Tree dismantling
  • Hazard tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree preservation orders

Response times

The contract is delivered from John O’Conner’s Aylesbury depot which is kitted out with our depot specification for treerelated works giving the team the equipment to mobilise and respond to emergency works within 30 minutes.

Added Value

John O’Conner’s Contract Manager has provided the following advisory services for AVDC:

  • Advice on training competencies and standards for staff to build their tree management competencies. Contract Manager advised AVDC’s team on minimum training requirements for health and safety and arranged for IOSH training.
  • Advice on tree specifications including growth patterns and reactions to pruning. Collaborated with AVDC to develop a planned works calendar optimised to carry out planned tree remedial works at times best suited to tree species and nesting habits of protected species.
  • Coordinated planning applications for Conservation and Tree Preservation Orders which meant that AVDC Tree Officer time could be spent on other activities.
  • Advice on a tree clearing strategy to balance the need of reducing antisocial behaviour and the need to maintain the presence of tree cover for biodiversity purposes at a woodland site. Advised that a biodiversity report be done (conducted by the one of AVDC’s councillors) which in turn interpreted to conduct a conservative programme of crown lifting and base vegetation clearing to improve the visual appearance of the area and maintain its conservation features.
  • John O’Conner has always worked in partnership with AVDC to revise the tree maintenance programme after changes such as the transfer of housing stock and cemetery responsibilities which brought with it additional tree management responsibilities


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