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Three Peakers Ride Again

Three Peakers Ride Again

Six years ago I took part in the UK 3 Peaks 24 hour challenge to raise funds for Greenfingers. We were a group of landscape professionals coming together for a very good cause. Three years later I re-joined the group, this time we decided to go back and climb the 3 highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales but cycle from the foot of each mountain to the foot of the next in just 5 days. It was a massive challenge for some of us! But the bonus was raising over £26,000 for our industry charity.

This September on Sunday 18th, I will be setting off on my third encounter with the 3 peaks team and Mt Snowdon comes in to play again. This time, two teams of cyclists will set off from Mt Snowdon, one team on road bikes, the other on mountain bikes, both aiming for Lands End. One team will stay on-road, the other will ride exclusively off-road. This time I have swapped my road bike for a mountain bike! Although the scenery will be spectacular it is no picnic – I am cycling over 530km, in just 6 days with a group of fellow horticulturists. We will climb more than the height of Kilmanjaro over the course of the week and over the height of Snowdon each day! It is going to hurt….a lot. And although I have been out on the bike training as much as possible over the last few months, I am not sure that I am ready.

The main purpose of this is to raise funds for a great charity close to my heart, called Perennial. We are hoping to raise £50,000. This may not seem an obvious first choice, but for those in the landscape industry, it can be a lifesaver. There are 500,000 people working in or retired from horticulture in the UK. Many are not well paid and pension provision is poor. In addition, Horticulture has one of the worst rates of workplace injury – perhaps not surprising, given it often involves working at height, in cold and wet conditions and operating machinery. Horticulturists are completely dependent on their good health and physical fitness to be able to work, an accident can have severe consequences for the horticulturist and their family. Perennial exists to support them when the going gets tough, which can be as a result of illness, bereavement or workplace injury. For more information about who and how Perennial helps, visit: http://perennial.org.uk/home/ways-we-can-help/
To donate to the challenge visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/MattOC

I’ll post some pictures and an account of the ride here afterwards.



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