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What is Involved in a Commercial Grounds Maintenance Contract?

What is Involved in a Commercial Grounds Maintenance Contract?

If your business has its own garden, lawn or natural outdoor space, you’ll want to keep it looking its best. As well as wanting it to look nice, an aesthetically pleasing exterior can provide your business with a boost, making it more attractive to potential customers and employees.

An easy way to keep on top of your business’ landscaping is to hire commercial grounds maintenance services. A commercial grounds maintenance contract is a great asset to any business, and involves a team of landscapers regularly carrying out a whole host of services – from grass care to tree services and weed control.

In this article, we’ll outline exactly what you’ll receive from a commercial grounds maintenance contract, and how it can benefit your business.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Ground Maintenance Team

First impressions count. While most people are aware of this sentiment when meeting someone for the first time, it’s also true of your premises. Having a team of professionals tending to your grounds can help with this, keeping it looking appealing and making an impact on those who are viewing it.

Ground maintenance contracts can also be tailored to your business’ exact requirements, meaning the areas you truly care about will be taken care of. The length of the contract can be specified, too. So whether you just want it to last a few months, a year or longer it can be made to suit you.

Some landscaping firms may take a one size fits all approach but at John O’Conner Grounds Maintenance, all of our pricing takes into consideration the size of your grounds and the type of work being done – meaning all costs are fair and accurate.

What Commercial Grounds Maintenance Services Are Available?

There are a variety of services you can choose from when acquiring commercial grounds maintenance. This includes:

Grass and lawn care

One of the most fundamental grounds maintenance services is grass care. Often the centrepiece of a property’s exterior, grass and lawns need to be nurtured regularly in order to thrive.

This could include cutting, specialist treatments and even reseeding if it’s become damaged or thin.

As part of the grass care we offer, our team can also returf entire pieces of land if necessary.

Hedge and bush trimming

If your property has hedges or bushes it’s important to keep them neat, and regularly trimmed to keep them from looking raggedy or unsightly. Foliage can add a certain elegance to your grounds that other landscaping elements cannot, but they do require attentive care.

We can even source and plant hedges and bushes that perfectly complement your business.

Tree Services

If you have trees on your property, then it’s important to keep them looking healthy and fresh. As part of our grounds maintenance contracts, you can choose from a comprehensive range of tree services including woodland management, stump grinding and treatments, pruning services and cable bracing.

Landscaping services

Landscaping services are often at the heart of all commercial grounds maintenance agreements, and you can choose from a number of hard and soft landscaping features that provide a boost to any business. This could be hard landscaping such as paving, fencing or erecting walls, to soft landscaping features like turf laying, tree planting and bedding plants.

Artificial Surface Management

If you have an artificial surface or turf on your grounds, we can maintain and repair it when necessary. Commonplace among schools and leisure centres, these synthetic surfaces can become worn or damaged over time compromising quality and safety.

Weed Control & Treatment

Weeds are the scourge of every garden and outdoor space – and it’s no different for commercial premises. Weeds can quickly degenerate a property, making it look incredibly unpleasant.

Our weed control team offer weed treatment, removal and control services to maintain the quality of your grounds.

Planted Areas Shrubs and Bedding

For outdoor spaces big and small, the grounds maintenance offering we provide can craft stunning planted areas, as well as maintain existing ones. Frequent maintenance of these areas includes pruning, trimming and cutting plants and shrubbery.

Pest Control

Pests can cause havoc in gardens and outdoor spaces, and if you have an infestation it’s vital to deal with it as soon as possible. Not only can they cause damage to plants, but they can threaten human health, too. Our team is well versed in tackling rats, mice, insects, wasps, birds and much more.

Street Cleaning

If required, we also offer street cleaning services to keep the streets outside your business looking their best. This can include everything from street sweeping, to litter picking and graffiti removal.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Grounds Maintenance?

Not only can grounds maintenance contracts keep your grounds looking great all year round, but having one of these agreements in place means that you never have to worry about taking on the burden of dealing with landscaping yourself.

They can also increase the safety of your business’ exterior and provide a more positive working environment for employees.

When you acquire commercial grounds maintenance from John O’Conner, you can rest assured you’re in the very best hands. Our extensive experience in all areas of the industry as well as our time working alongside a number of sectors, means that you’ll receive the highest level of service time and time again.

Operating nationwide including the Midlands, East, South and Scotland, get in touch today to find out more.


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